Organic Certification

Kula Garlic is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and follows the organic standards in compliant with the Canada Organic Regime. Organic is about much more than simply not spraying chemicals, it is an integrated production system that creates a holistic whole farm system - from seeds, to soil health, to how we harvest and process our crops.

Agro-Ecological Production Practices

Our seed garlic is of the highest quality. We are a Certified Organic farm and use cover cropping, crop rotation and the organic standards to improve your garlic seed. We are also a Permaculture Farm and work to improve soil life and garden health through use of permanent raised beds, integrated production of cover crops, crops and trees and many other agro-ecological production practices.

We use seed selection, forecasting, row cover and biological solutions to prevent other pests and disease.  Foremost we work to develop healthy soil. Prior to planting our seed is sterilized and inoculated with beneficial microorganisms and nutrient boost soaks. We regularly grow out new seed stock from bulbil to regenerate the health and vigour of the varieties.  Regenerating planting stock from these aerial “mini garlic” reduces the build up of soil borne disease.