Statement of Quality

We grow our Certified Organic seed garlic with meticulous attention to pest and disease resistance and suitability for production in Canadian climates. We’ve trialed and maintained records of over 100 garlic varieties for the past 10 years. Today we grow 80 strains and sell our 20 most successful, highest performers each year.

With over 30 acres in production (cover crops, green manures, vegetables and fallow) we are able to rotate our garlic to new land every year that has never grown members of the garlic family before. This has a huge advantage for minimizing the risks of pests and disease.

Foremost we work to develop healthy soil. Prior to planting our seed is sterilized and inoculated with beneficial microorganisms and nutrient boost soaks. We regularly grow out new seed stock from bulbil to regenerate the health and vigour of our varieties.  Regenerating planting stock from these aerial “mini garlic” further reduces the potential build up of soil borne disease.

Weather-Related & Seasonal Considerations

Changes in weather and other variables that contribute to the unpredictable nature of farming sometimes can make it difficult to ensure 100% precision when it comes to the garlic we have on offer. While we continually update our website inventory to reflect what is available for ordering, we reserve the right to substitute similar varieties of garlic to your order in the unlikely event that we are not able to fulfill your order to its exact specification.

Our Methods

Our seed garlic is of the highest quality.  We are a Certified Organic farm and use cover cropping, crop rotation and other organic standards to improve your garlic seed.  We are also a Permaculture Farm and work to improve soil life and garden health through use of permanent raised beds, integrated production of cover crops, crops and trees and many other agro-ecological production practices.

We use seed selection, forecasting, row cover and biological solutions to prevent other pests and disease.  Foremost we work to develop healthy soil.

Prior to planting our seed is sterilized and inoculated with beneficial microorganisms and nutrient boost soaks.

We regularly grow out new seed stock from bulbil to regenerate the health and vigour of the varieties.  Regenerating planting stock from these aerial “mini garlic” reduces the build up of soil borne disease.

Garlic as a Fine Wine

Garlic is increasingly being recognized by chefs and home cooks alike for the unique uses and flavour profiles each variety offers. Garlic is no longer just garlic - it is like a fine wine. Each variety is suitable for different uses - roasting, raw eating, garlic chips, caramelized dips, etc. and ranges along the spectrum from very spicy to quite mild, pungent to sweet. After 10 years of meticulous trialing, we offer a diverse selection of our hardiest, best performing and most mouthwatering garlic varieties, each with its own unique flavour profile and varying degrees of heat and pungency.

Garlic Health Benefits

Organic garlic is the new super food with myriad health benefits from fresh eating, in powdered form, fermented etc. Garlic has antibacterial, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties when used properly. The act of crushing garlic with a garlic press aides in the release of garlic's active ingredient allicin - a sulphuric enzyme. The health promoting benefits of allicin have been well documented in medical literature. It is considered an immune boost, antibiotic, anticancer, improves blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol.  More and more consumers are looking to real foods like garlic instead of manufactured supplements to add a nutritional boost and preventative medicine to their diets.

Seed vs Eating Garlic

On our farm seed and eating garlic are sorted, sized and stored using different methodologies that lend each to the highest quality possible for it’s end use. You can purchase seed garlic to eat from our website but we do not ever recommend you purchase eating garlic to plant from any farm as you may be bringing in pests and disease that do not effect the eating quality of garlic but can have devastating effects on your garlic stock and production system.


As a policy we do not push our seed garlic varieties to produce the largest bulbs they are capable of. We use mulch and composts for fertility and only irrigate in extremely dry summers.  The resulting organic garlic has a longer storage life and is in better shape for adapting itself to your growing conditions.  In dry years garlic is smaller and in good growing years it is bigger.  

The best bulbs are in the 1 3/4” to 2” diameter range as these are shown to have mostly medium to large cloves. Great big bulbs may have larger cloves but they also pack in a bunch of smaller ones that are less suitable to planting.  The biggest bulbs are also more susceptible to ubiquitous soil borne molds.  Some varieties are smaller and their ideal size for seed is between 1 1/4” to 1 3/4”.


All of the varieties sold on our website are regenerated from bulbils every 5 years. This is our primary way of refreshing our seed stock. We do this to disrupt the cycles of soil borne disease. It also allows us to increase the quantity of favoured varieties and slowly adapt them to Canadian growing conditions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

if you are not 100% satisfied with your Certified Organic Seed Garlic order please let us know within 3 days of delivery.